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love him. 

It’s so strange to think back to before he was walking. He was not exactly a late bloomer but— you know how it is, when you have an eleven month old who still prefers to crawl, and it seems like everyone wants to tell you about how their kid was walking at ten months. 

Kieran took steps when he was ten months, but I didn’t feel comfortable calling him a “walker” until past his first birthday. He was just so tentative, & he really fought to stay in his comfort zone. I’ll admit, I had my crazy first time mom visions of him still crawling at his second birthday. It’s amazing the amount of pressure that well-meaning family and friends can put on something that is so guided by unique timelines and temperaments. 

It took me a while to get to the point where I didn’t feel like my baby was in competition. Before I had my own baby, I always got haughty about parents who too carefully dogged milestone growth charts, or compared their babies development to other babies. It’s easy to feel superior when you don’t have a baby, before you feel the onslaught of pressure and constant guilt that you’re not doing enough, you’re not a good enough mom, you are failing your child… just me?

Anyway, I guess the moral of this story is that babies are different, because babies are people! Some babies relish the thrill of new challenges, and leap with unsteady legs into walking as soon as they are able. Some babies, like mine, test the waters cautiously for months before they leap into action. 

But all toddlers look ridiculously cute when you catch a picture of them midstride. Little bumbling dorks. 

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  1. montessorimumbling said: I love this post! My little one is 11months and prefers crawling. She doesn’t even want to practice. I know she is absorbing everything though and it will come, but I do feel that pressure/guilt. Thank you for reminding me to stay grounded.
  2. monicayesqui said: Rio is just starting to take steps at 14 months!! I understand exactly what you are saying. I try not to push him and let him reach each milestone when he is ready. He is a very cautious little boy.
  3. sugarsnailsandacurlytail said: Cyrus was a late crawler & then didn’t walk until 13 months, but he was never wobbly on his feet. He was running within a week. Some kids just aren’t interested in doing things until they know they can! =]
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