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This little cuddlebug

This little cuddlebug

Indeed, the same paradox appears: many of the teachers and parents who grumble that kids ‘just don’t take responsibility’ spend their days ordering kids around—as though children could learn how to make good decisions by following directions."
— Alfie Kohn, What to Look For in a Classroom…and Other Essays (via teachingtoday)

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Alfie Kohn- Spoiled Kids: A Timeless Debate


"There’s no evidence, then, that today’s parents are too permissive, or are more permissive than parents of yesteryear.  And with the failure to corroborate Twenge’s claims, there’s no evidence that today’s young people are more narcissistic.  But even if both were true, critics would have to show that the second phenomenon results from the first.  No one has come close to doing so.

In fact, three recent, and disparate, studies cast serious doubt on that proposition.  The first, published in Pediatrics last May, discovered that there is indeed a parental practice associated with children who later become demanding and easily frustrated.  But it’s not groovy, indulgent parenting.  It’s spanking.

The second study, by a pair of sociologists, addresses the claim that students with unrealistic expectations — in this case, about going to college — will implode when they’re unceremoniously brought back to earth.   Analyzing data based on thousands of young people, they found “almost no long-term emotional costs” when those expectations weren’t realized.

Finally, in a small, unpublished study of the effects of helicopter parenting on college students, Keene State’s Montgomery did not discover any “sense of entitlement” or exploitative behavior; if anything, the closely monitored students tended to be somewhat anxious — while, at the same time, displaying certain positive qualities such as “the capacity to love, feel supported, and seek out social connections.”

Even if a researcher did show that today’s youth were unusually self-centered, we might be inclined to attribute that to an extraordinary emphasis on achievement and winning in contemporary America, schooling that’s focused on narrowly defined academic skills, excessive standardized testing, copious amounts of homework, and a desperate competition for awards, distinctions, and admission to selective colleges.  Indeed, earlier research has shown that competitive individuals — or people who have been instructed to compete — tend to be less empathic and less generous.

In any case, neither logic nor evidence seems to support the widely accepted charge that we’re too easy on our children.  Yet that assumption continues to find favor across the political spectrum.  It seems, then, that we’ve finally found something to bring the left and the right together:  an unsubstantiated critique of parents, an unflattering view of kids, and a dubious belief that the two are connected.”


if anyone ever asks why i like wayne brady so much, i’m just going to show them this video

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Lifestyle feminism ushered in the notion that there could be as many versions of feminism as there were women. Suddenly the politics was being slowly removed from feminism. And the assumption prevailed that no matter what a woman’s politics, be she conservative or liberal, she too could fit feminism into her existing lifestyle. Obviously this way of thinking has made feminism more acceptable because its underlying assumption is that women can be feminists without fundamentally challenging and changing themselves or the culture."
— bell hooks, Feminism is for Everybody (via excelenciatropical)

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For all of you that believe that vulgarity in music is only from contemporary times then just remember that mozart wrote a song called lick my ass

Proof for those of us that are unaware

I’m crying listen to it

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If you ever want to get your kid a cook gift, MagFormers! They’re like Legos or blocks but with magnets. Kieran is obsessed and I can really see him growing into them.

If you ever want to get your kid a cook gift, MagFormers! They’re like Legos or blocks but with magnets. Kieran is obsessed and I can really see him growing into them.

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